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Colours in Motion Lifter: easy does it!

I took out the Colours in Motion Lifter in very light wind to see if the tuning strategy suggested by Peter Lynn might make an impression on its wayward behaviour in a light wind. Given the light weight of the … Continue reading

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Taming the Colours in Motion Lifter: words from himself

In response to the last post Peter Bults has dug out this link: he has out-googled google,  I could find nothing on this after many searches including line by line translations from! Seeing as I couldn’t find this easily … Continue reading

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Colours in rather too much motion!

Peter Bults very kindly suggested the Colours in Motion ‘Lifter’ as a stopgap for the Sutton Flowform 30. It  certainly is good value for money, well made and of a nice light grade of ripstop. It’s design has important … Continue reading

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PFK & elastic

An elastic bridle on the PFK is no easy matter as it has a keel; so I thought I’d try something simple to start with: adding elastic as a damper to the flying line to see if the movement imparted … Continue reading

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PFK all the way?

Today I was out in a big wind! So the big Atlantic weather is with us now and I have just retreated from a shoot of a windmill on a hill I have been after for months, the HQ2.0 fairly … Continue reading

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X1 KAP: the idiot checks

Woe is me, I sent my camera into the sky and shot an SD card of blank white squares! Continue reading

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