X1 KAP (2)

Having deterimined a good overlap between the minicam FoV and the X1 FoV and with no break in the weather in sight adapting the hot shoe servo mount progresses.

The minicam is now fitted on the shutter servo mount. This was not a simple matter as it required a hidden fixing prior to riveting the thing together.  Butchering the shutter servo mount to replace the ‘L’ section with a piece offering a flange to mount the minicam achieved a ‘one-fix’ unit thus:

Inevitably the new assembly needed the servo re-aligned and in doing so the Hitec HS45HB shutter servo repeatedly overheated whilst holding the shutter button down for the 5-8s required for the X1 to achieve focus, replacement with a higher torque servo such as the (much heavier) Futaba s3153mg (which I use for all my other shutter servos as they successfully generate the required torque without failure) will, hopefully, resolve the problem.

Failure of the shutter servo is not an option as it would pass undetected if it occurred during flight! Having chewed through 2 servos I got some advice: a servo is not designed to take a constant load , it is a control device. To hold the shutter release button down at the required pressure it should not be under power to hold the position, it should be at rest at the limit of its travel! So even though a high torque servo will operate the shutter button under load the optimum setup is for it to do so at the limit of its travel. Using the trimmer on the controller I am able to get very close to the optimum set up and for now I’ll let the extra power of the high torque servo do the work…and yes..it’s running hot! However it is able to cope with sustained bursts of 5s effort without failure. In an attempt to keep things tidy I used a Hitech HS-65MG ‘Mighty Feather’ replacement and of course it’s not the same size as its less powerful brother and I had to resort to filing and shimming to fit it:

I like the ‘Mighty Feather’ branding, it sort of reminds me of Johnny Cash, but it’s a bit incongruous a bit like ‘Butter Axe’ or something: 

the specification claims it has 2.2Kg/cm torque available at 6V surely enough to press the shutter button, mighty indeed! At 12.5g it is a featherweight too.

The rig with full X1 equipment now weighs in at roughly 840g. (compared to 910g for the Olympus EP1 with the pancake lens) I think I will be able to drill out some of the servo mount once I’m happy with the configuration and alignment. The vertical convergence between the minicam and the X1 FoVs is a worry and I’ll need to check this carefully; the set up is parallel to begin with. In theory the X1 FoV at 60m will be pretty close to sharing the centre of the minicam view but testing will reveal if this is the case.

So now I have a working shutter and live preview, range and frame testing can begin (again) as soon as wind and rain permit!

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  1. KAPshop says:

    Very interesting blog. Thank you.

    Regards, Peter

  2. Very interesting BLOG.
    I really enjoyed reading the posts.
    Keep it running

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